Learn How to Say the Right Thing to the Right Person at the Right Time

If you’re in business today, you want results. And in today’s ever-changing landscape to stay ahead of the curve, you want better results: Process improvement, higher performance, increased sales, better buy-in, more engagement, increased productivity, more collaboration, creativity or initiative, enhanced experiences and better balance.

You initiate PIPs, ask for RFPs, analyze your ROI and KPIs, change CRMs and want better results ASAP.

Just because you’re using the right “words”, doesn’t mean you’re actually communicating – with your leadership, your team, your customers or even yourself - to get those results.

Ask yourself this, “How many times have you felt that your presentation, great idea, superlative request, latest marketing initiative, awesome value proposition or profit-accelerating directive got lost in translation?

Imagine how your organization would be different, if you knew how to say the right thing, to the right person at just the right time.

Through my corporate trainings, interactive keynote presentations and executive coaching I teach leaders and organizations to do just that! I help you bridge the gap between the language you’re speaking, the words you’re using and the communication you need to be having to get the results-based performance you want .

I’m Jenn Kaye and I can help you Master the Language of Communication.


Engaging, humorous and insightful, Jenn delivers high-content programs for your leadership conference, corporate event or sales meeting with bite-size wisdom they can implement immediately.


Jenn’s interactive and engaging programs will educate your leaders how to create the clarity and communication they need to have more influence and impact every day.


Investing in your professional development is key to staying resilient in today’s ever-changing landscape. Work one-on-one with Jenn to identify your strengths and learn how to use language to get results.

  • “Jenn Kaye was the epitome of grace under pressure. As MC, she graciously made tough decisions in the background regarding speakers, timing, and format. From the stage she let her persona and professionalism shine so that the audience only experienced the brilliance of the speakers and intention of the event itself.”

    ~ Scott Faver, President Event Ensemble
  • “You provided our participants with the tools they needed to be complete and work within their boundaries. I had great conversations from the team and everyone received value from the day. It is so very important for people to take time to communicate and understand the other persons perspective. Thank you!!!”

    ~ Danny Keith, Chief Development & Technology Officer Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County
  • “You can always tell when the speaker has enhanced and captured the audience when they are heard not only quoting the speaker but also using your keywords in action statements because they’ve already incorporated your talk into their lives! I highly recommend you to any organization!”

    ~ Cassandra Owen, President Society of Women Engineers Phoenix
  • “Thank you doesn’t come close to expressing my gratitude for all the time and effort you put into making the Integrated Pain Management Conference a success.  Staff members who attended have been stopping me in the hallways this morning to tell me how grateful they are to have had this educational program for them to attend.”

    ~ Paula Milner MS, RN, APRN, BC, Med/Surg Clinical Educator Scottsdale Healthcare
  • “At the Saturday morning speakers association meeting I sat up and said WOW. When you took over as M.C. the tone of the meeting changed dramatically for the better. Every person in the room could just feel the room change. Your enthusiasm is radiant and genuinely sincere. You obviously love what you are doing and are an absolute inspiration.”

    ~ Lenny Tumbarello, Author and Speaker


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Hi, I'm Jenn Kaye!

I'm a word geek, cultural anthropoligist, ego-wrangler, benevolt challenger and never-ending seeker of what moves people to action.

I once suffered from illusion that language and communication are the same thing. They are not.

Language is the pallete. Communication is where the color meets the canvas. Together they create an experience that can be appreciated and engaged in by other people. It truly is an art.

And when it comes to people and problems, I love solving the rubiks cube that is human communication.

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